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Steven E. Newton
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Steven Edward Newton


Steven has two decades of experience in professional software development and support. He has experience across a wide range of technologies, communities, and businesses.

Professional Experience

Janrain, Inc, Software Engineer 07/11-present

Nike, Programmer, 05/08-05/09

CSG Professional, Consultant, 4/04-5/06

Steven worked on the State of Oregon Department of Human Services eXPRS project, contributing key efforts and implementation in security and transaction management. His contributions also included tools and techniques for automated build and release management which improved customer collaboration and feedback. He was involved in mentoring his colleagues in both technical skills and collaborative development practices. Towards the end of the project Steven took on significant responsibility in ensuring the delivery of working software in his role as QC lead. As part of this work he joined with the business experts in developing structured feedback systems.

Standard Insurance Company, Sr. Programmer Analyst, 3/01-8/03

In a highly visible role as founder of the company Java Users Group, Steven encouraged the development of community and improved interactions between individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and needs in bringing the Java language and Java development tools to the company.  He was responsible for maintaining and extending an in-house web development framework and associated documentation and training, responding to a challenging and changing set of requirements for a variety of teams with widely varying needs. In this effort Steven championed an approach to training involving hands-on interaction between experts and newcomers. An early project had Steven involved in developing estimation techniques that ensured contributions from all individuals responsible for meeting development goals. As part of the team in a security software infrastructure replacement project Steven assisted with the overall architecture and contributed a key technical element of the migration effort. As a mentor to junior programmers Steven helped establish a professional environment of customer collaboration, respect for individuals, attention to delivering working software, and responsiveness to change. Finally, Steven contributed build and defect tracking practices that encouraged cross-team collaboration and communication.

QSent, Senior Software Engineer, 8/00-2/01

As the lead developer on an internal system for tracking and managing contracted partner information, Steven worked in the Java and web application space on a project that required responding to rapid changes in the business knowledge and direction. During his time at this position Steven was also exposed to developing applications for the mobile web.

Meridian Technology Group, Senior Software Consultant, 4/00-8/00

Steven first worked on a project applying his Java expertise to developing a user interface and using cross-language programming tools to prototype applications for delivering live streaming media via the internet. Working in a small team Steven collaborated with industry partners in exploring the technical and business  issues for world-wide media distribution channels. At his next assignment Steven again used the Java language to develop security-related systems involving trusted access control systems and distributed applications.

Verio, Contract Software Developer, 11/99

Steven used the Perl language to develop network alert monitoring plug-ins Steven worked remotely an independently supervised his own work. He was called on to respond to challenges in test deployment and long-distance feedback from the customer.

Technicalites, Object Designer, 12/98-9/99

In his consulting role, Steven was deployed to assignments involving close customer collaboration analyzing business needs for shipping and logistics. His independence at customer sites required a high degree of self-confidence, and an active and continuing learner of the business domain. In his role as a developer on an in-house product for a web-based dynamic collaboration and interaction tool, Steven was introduced to a lightweight effective methods for small team coordination, testing, and build and configuration control.

Houston Chronicle Interactive, Media Software Implementer, 3/97-8/98

In the online division of Houston's daily newspaper, Steven wrote and maintained software to bring the newspaper content, including stories, photographs, and advertisements, to the World Wide Web. Written exclusively in Perl these applications also introduced Steven to object-oriented concepts. He was a key developer in bringing an online residential, business, and community directory and mapping service online using a commercial GIS mapping package. While working on a system for registering customers to use the site Steven developed experience in understanding and scoping project requirements and turning them into working software. Appointed to work as team lead, Steven led by example and shouldered responsibility for key technical areas of the online presence while learning to support and serve team members.

University of Texas at Houston, Network Support Specialist II, 12/94-3/97

During his time at this employer Steven worked in the Office of Academic Computer of the Health Science Center and was on the forefront of the world wide web technologies as a member of the team that brought up the very first web servers in the state of Texas. From this start he went on to lead deployment of the campus-wide White Pages directory service. Through a collaboration with administrative computing Steven turned the campus phone book into a searchable web directory of student, faculty and staff.