Executive Summary

  • Polishes old code
  • Understands business needs
  • Leads agile teams
  • Mentors junior programmers
  • Detangles knotted processes
  • Tackles tough problems
  • Jack-of-all-languages
  • Defuses crises with humor

Skill Summary

Skills Working with legacy/heritage code, Bug finding and fixing, Quick problem solving

Languages Go, Java, JavaScript/ES6, Scala, Ruby, Perl

Frameworks and Persistence gorilla-mux, Struts, Spring, Play; redis, SimpleDB, PostgresSQL, MongoDB

OS and environments Linux, OS X, Windows, AWS, VMWare, OpenVM, Vagrant

Coding environments VS Code, Eclipse, Atom, SublimeText

Tools git, maven, ant, sbt, jenkins, travisCI, Jira, cucumber

Work History

Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead — Xandr, 4/19

Environments: auth0, SAML2, OIDC, kubernetes, dropwizard

UXUA: Universal Xandr User Authentication

Extending single sign-on across all customer-facing applications with SAML and OpenID Connect. Federated identity management, identity mapping, and account mapping

Senior Software Engineer, IGNW — Xandr, 10/18 - 3/19

Environments: SAML2, kubernetes

AppNexus Console

Implementing single sign-on for a web application with SAML and OpenID Connect

Software Engineer, Treetop Commons, LLc, Portland, OR, 02/17 to 10/17

Environments: Go language, SAML2, cucumber & gherkin, vagrant, docker, gorilliamux, nginx, git, AWS, redis, PostgresSQL, Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana, Jira, CircleCI

NobleHour and Collaboratory

Major contributions include correcting, improving, and stabilizing SAML2 service provider implementation, s3 asset management improvements, refining and expanding cucumber integration tests, and implementing Go-based microservices.

  • Improved the spec-compliance and flexibility of a custom in-house SAML2 service provider implemenation
  • Implemented key vagrant vm configurations for developing and testing SAML SSO configurations
  • Provided key feedback to product and customer success teams for responding to complex and demanding customer needs
  • Helped identify and reduce technical debt while maintaining rapid release schedule meeting customer needs
  • Maintained test Shibboleth SAML2 IdP
  • Expanded and improved cucumber test framwork
  • Promulgated standards for developer tests and pre-commit discipline.
  • Contributed to improving git flow for development process

Lead Software Engineer, Janrain, Inc, Portland, OR, 07/12 to 04/15

Environments: Java 7, Tomcat, Spring, Scala, Spray, Ruby, nginx git, sbt, jenkins, puppet, AWS, redis, PostgresSQL

Social login platform built on a variety of technoligies and deployed wholly on AWS

  • Migrated Java Spring application persistence layer from Amazon SimpleDB to redis
  • Raised uptime of key component to five 9s
  • Team lead for small-medium teams
  • Release planning in collaboration with product manager
  • Assisted in migration of backend services to Scala microservice architecture

Lead Java Application Engineer, Nike, 03/08 to 05/09

Environments: PTC Windchill, Ant, ClearCase, Spring MVC

C2CIM project for footwear design and product lifecycle management

  • Mentored contract programmers
  • Acted as build engineer for complex multi-step build.

Java Consultant, CSG Professional, 04/04 to 05/06

Environments: Java/J2EE, WebSphere, EJB, IBM DB2, Ant, svn

eXPRS project, handling millions of dollars in state funding for disabled and indigent care recipients

  • Developed and maintained automated build system
  • Mentored and taught effective unit testing tools that improved productivity
  • Key designer and developer of security component
  • Assumed role of QC lead in transition to maintenance mode
  • Resolved J2EE transaction-related problems

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Standard Insurance Company, 03/01 to 08/03

Environments: Java, IBM/Tivoli Security Access Manager, Ant

  • Initiated mentoring program for junior programmers
  • Developed and document bug tracking process
  • Enhanced and deployed web framework built on XML with XSLT

Senior Software Engineer, Qsent, Inc., 08/00 to 02/01

Environments: Java JSP, XML/SOAP, EJB 2.0, Swing

  • Developed internal call center routing application
  • Key designer of business model objects

Senior Software Consultant, Meridian Technology Group, 04/00 to 08/00

Environments: Java, Oracle JDBC, COM, JNI

  • Integrated user access control components with web applications
  • Developed Java Swing front end for live streaming media

Contract Software Developer, Verio, Inc., 11/99

Environments: Perl, PerLDAP, SunOS

  • Developed network monitoring plugins
  • Worked remotely

Object Designer, Technicalities, Inc, 2/98 to 09/99

Environments: Java, Windows, BEA EJB server, Sybase, NLP WordNet, JNI, JMS Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

  • Developer on the Oh!, and Ohtion projects
  • Wrote Java JNI to C bridge to WordNet lexicon
  • Created custom build scripts

Media Software Implementer, Houston Chronicle Interactive, 03/97 to 08/98

Environments: Perl, Apache, embedded Perl, Sybase, ETAK

  • Deployed and maintained a directory of businesses with location mapping
  • Maintained system to push print classified ads to web site
  • Developed site end user registration and authentication system

Network Support Specialist II, University of Texas at Houston, 12/94 to 03/97

Environments: C, TCP/IP

  • Deployed LDAP & X.500 directory services and built custom desktop and web applications to access it
  • Part of the team to bring up first World Wide Web server at UT Houston
  • Founding team member of Office of Academic Computing


University of Texas at Austin Bachelor of Journalism 1982-1987

Coursework was primarily documentary photojournalism; electives included 20 hours of computers science courses covering algorithms, FORTRAN, Pascal, assembly language, and Prolog